Al-Rifa’i Mosque

Al-Rifa'i Mosque
Al-Rifa'i Mosque

also as Al-Rifai, Al-Refai, Al-Refa’i, locally known as El-Refa’i, and in English: the Refaai Mosque) is located in Citadel Square, adjacent to the Cairo Citadel. Now, it is also the royal mausoleum of Muhammad Ali’s family. The building is located opposite the Mosque-Madrassa of Sultan Hassan,[1] which dates from around 1361, and was architecturally conceived as a complement to the older structure. This was part of a vast campaign by the 19th century rulers of Egypt to both associate themselves with the perceived glory of earlier periods in Egypt’s Islamic history and modernize the city. The mosque was constructed next to two large public squares and off of several European style boulevards constructed around the same time.

Note . can do Citadel and Sultan Hassan mosque an al Rifa’i Mosque in same time because close areas spend around 2 till 4 hours


Sergey Sobyanin
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