Philae Temble

Philae Temble

The island of Philae was of great importance to the ancient Egyptian due to its distinguished location; Where it and the island of Aswan formed natural geographical borders, and was known in the Egyptian texts as the dividing line. As for the word “Phil” it is derived from the Greek word “Phila” meaning beloved, and it was known in Arabic literature as “Anas al-Wujud” due to its connection to folklore stories, and it has succeeded The efforts of the Nuba Archeology Rescue Fund to transfer the entire antiquities of the island to the neighboring island of Agilika.

The “Temple of Isis” is the main temple on the island, occupying a quarter of its area. It was built by King Ptolemy II in the place of another smaller temple that was also dedicated to Isis and dedicated to the soldiers charged with protecting the southern borders of Egypt, and many Ptolemaic kings contributed to its construction.

On the island there is also a temple dedicated to the worship of Hathor, in addition to the chapel of “Nakhtenbo I”, as well as the chapel of “Taharqa”, which he also built for Isis.

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