Montaza Palace

Montaza Palace
Montaza Palace

The Royal Montazah Gardens is a group of gardens rich in trees and flowers, with an area of ​​370 acres, in the Montazah district in the east of Alexandria in Egypt. The main building is in the Italian Florentine style, as well as the Salamlek Palace, which has been turned into a luxury hotel (Al-Salamlik Palace). The park’s gardens are distinguished by their antique trees and rare flowerbeds.

These gardens were built more than a hundred years ago, when Khedive Abbas Helmy II ordered their construction. Within the Montazah gardens, there are tourist facilities established after the Egyptian revolution to serve the gardeners of the public, including restaurants, an integrated tourist center, playgrounds and chalets. The Montazah gardens overlook five beaches: Aida, Cleopatra, Phenicia and Samir Amis, in addition to a private beach at Helnan Palestine Hotel.





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